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Author, speaker, trainer, coach and broadcaster

What are the markers of a successful leader? Integrity, for sure. How about courage, compassion, healthy boundaries, good self-care practice and respect for co-workers, regardless of their position?

We are no longer operating from the archaic paradigm that at one time shaped corporate culture. Modern leaders know themselves and their values well; this translates into confidence for staff, clients and customers, which leads to successful connections and relationships in business.

Yes, it’s all about relationships in the modern world and it’s a subject Kathie Donovan loves to help people embrace. The most important relationship you will have is with yourself and you are a leader in your life both at work and at home. We need to learn how to take ownership and responsibility for our successes in both arenas.

Well known for her role as co-host and co-producer of CTV Ottawa’s Regional Contact, Kathie is also a successful author, sought after speaker, trainer and coach. She’s at home in a corporate environment, working with retail businesses, associations and government organizations. Her dynamic and candid style makes it easy for her audiences to absorb and apply the accessible ideas she presents.

Seeking a vibrant and insightful speaker for your conference? Thinking of a fresh outlook for your next staff retreat? Want a new take on success for your organization? Looking for a no nonsense approach to happiness in your workplace?

Kathie Donovan is broadcasting royalty in her adopted hometown of Ottawa, Ontario. In the span of 35 years behind the microphone, both on radio and in front of the camera on television, Kathie has shared inspiring stories about people who have made a difference by bringing their dreams to life.
I believe that giving is receiving (sounds funny, I know). I believe that small mindful acts of kindness signal to the law of attraction that we are available to receive.
The Course in Happiness: Weekend Intensive workshops. Enjoy a spa get-away for your mind. Learn how to shift from lack to abundance by using the power tools of gratitude, courage and forgiveness.

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A Woman’s Guide to Happiness” explores eight principles from gratitude and courage to kindness and setting boundaries.

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“I am on a mission to help our world evolve toward more good, more positive and more kind.”

I’ve always had a beautiful collection and for the most part they have come true, often in ways I could not have imagined. Because I recognize that I have carved out the path I am on with my thoughts, I call myself a life artist. I believe that we are all creative souls and I am certain that we produce our future with the thoughts we choose. This is how the law of attraction works.

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Seeking a vibrant and insightful speaker for your conference?

Thinking of a fresh outlook for your next staff retreat? Want a new take on success for your organization? Looking for a no nonsense approach to happiness in your workplace?

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Kathie has done presentations, panels and/or workshops for hundreds of organizations including:


Inspiration In Action

I fell in love with the law of attraction when I saw the movie and read the book The Secret. It was a fabulous introduction to this magical law of the Universe, which can be defined as what you think about comes about.

I wanted to know more; I wanted to learn more, so that I could really manifest magnificence in my life. I also wanted to know how I could use my skills to help other people create brilliant shifts. I started a study group to explore what prevents us from receiving what we want and after almost two years, I had a pretty good idea of what needed doing and now I’ve done it!

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“Thank you Kathie for being part of our Mental Health Panel at Industry Canada.  Sharing your knowledge and wisdom with our managers, helped make a difficult conversation easier as you brought your positive energy and joy to the panel table. We are so grateful to you for your participation and look forward to having you be part of our upcoming Health Expo for employees.”

Samantha Moonsammy

Manager, Special Events, Corporate Services, Industry SectorIndustry Canada
(Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada)/ Government of Canada

Kathie Donovan – Trainer

Kathie coaches many individuals to excel. She is a role model, teacher and guide, very able to identify weaknesses and offer positive solutions. Always inspiring those around her to do better with an outstanding ability to explain and teach.
Kathie is very supportive of others’ attempts at improvement and excellent at demonstrating appropriate ways forward, delivering feedback directly and constructively, always applauding effort.
Kathie is gifted at not overwhelming her audience; drawing out knowledge and skills from others and leads people to discover their own answers. Always available when needed and allocates time to coach and train.

Kathie Donovan – Public Speaker

I have known Kathie for a number of years, and am always inspired by her spirited nature. Kathie is a passionate woman and inspires many to live their dreams to the full. Her dynamic personality leaves you feeling confident and upbeat. Kathie is thoughtful and responsive to those around her, at all levels. She is an articulate spokesperson building interactivity with her audience, speaking articulately and concisely; a well-organized speaker with a clear, understandable voice.
SAMANTHA POOLE, General Manager, Shepherd’s Fashions, Ottawa, Public Speaking

Kathie Donovan – Public Speaker

Kathie has been the MC at our Distinctive Women IGNITE conference for the past 2 years and we are absolutely honoured to have her back for IGNITE III this fall. She is energetic, uplifting and inspirational. She is extremely professional and fun at the same time and makes the audience feel welcome and engaged. As a speaker, she connects and relates to the audience in a magical way. She is thought provoking, insightful and dynamic. As a speaker and MC, Kathie does a tremendous job setting the perfect tone for an event. It has been an absolute pleasure working with Kathie and we look forward to many more events together in the future.