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Inspiration In Action


I fell in love with the law of attraction when I saw the movie and read the book The Secret. It was a fabulous introduction to this magical law of the Universe, which can be defined as what you think about comes about.

I wanted to know more; I wanted to learn more, so that I could really manifest magnificence in my life. I also wanted to know how I could use my skills to help other people create brilliant shifts. I started a study group to explore what prevents us from receiving what we want and after almost two years, I had a pretty good idea of what needed doing and now I’ve done it!

“Inspiration in Action: A Woman’s Guide to Happiness” explores eight principles from gratitude and courage to kindness and setting boundaries. I believe that when we practice these principles, we remove the barriers that prevent us from receiving what we want.

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Everything I tried offered fleeting gratification until
I began a journey that was both frightening and exhilarating.

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I also believe that giving is receiving (sounds funny, I know). I believe that small mindful acts of kindness signal to the law of attraction that we are available to receive. I have included The Mindfulness Project at the back of the book, to inspire readers to share themselves with others….

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What People Say

I used to think of inspiration as an important yet esoteric concept. In this book, Kathie clearly defines what it means to be inspired and how to apply these teachings to real life. Applying the principles has expanded my outlook and presented many new opportunities to grow my business.
Lisa Anna Palmer, Cattelan Palmer Consulting
You could call it “Extreme Makeover for the Spirit”…Kathie’s book “Inspiration in Action” is like a gentle archaeological dig to the beauty at our core.  Unearthing the joy of simplicity, reminding us how gorgeous it is to live with a grateful heart.  I have watched Kathie awaken women to the spirit of possibility and the realization they already have the tools to shape their dreams into reality.
Leanne Cusack, CTV Ottawa
As an artist and a filmmaker, I thought I was a ‘glass half full’ kind of gal. Kathie Donovan truly has a way of helping you tap into creativity and courage you never realized you had. Exploring the principles of Inspiration in Action is a must if you want to change your world and fill your glass with the wondrous gifts life has to offer.
Katherine Jeans, Artist and Filmmaker


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