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Happy Pills! Are they the Secret to Happiness?

I wish there was such a thing as “happy pills.” If connecting with true happiness was as easy as taking a little pill, wouldn’t everyone want one?

Some people believe that they aren’t worthy of feeling happy or that people who are happy are naive or unrealistic. I get it. I also get that there’s a lot that stands in the way of people being happy: their beliefs about themselves, fear, other people’s opinions, their response to life’s events…there are about as many barriers to happiness as there are people.

What we believe about ourselves really does determine how our lives unfold. If we believe that we aren’t worthy of X then that’s true…until we choose another thought. Once we’ve released the misguided notion that we aren’t worthy, we shift the energy we have and our thoughts produce a different result.  Sounds a little gobbledegooky right? Try telling that to the scientists who are now talking about how we can completely change our body chemistry and the results we get in […]

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Inspiration In Action A Course In Happiness



The Course in Happiness

Weekend intensives

January 25-26, 2014, February 22-23, 2014, March 22-23, 2014, , April 26-27, 2014, June 28-29

Enjoy a spa get-away for your mind. Learn how to shift from lack to abundance by using the power tools of gratitude, courage and forgiveness. In this two-day intensive course, we’ll explore the eight principles of “Inspiration in Action: A Woman’s Guide to Happiness.” This intimate weekend is limited to 15 participants. It is not a forum to share pain, rather it is an empowering and exciting weekend that will leave you feeling refreshed and inspired to continue to take on your dreams.

Register Today!

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Keep Yourself Going

Are you convinced that there’s no hope for you as you age?

Do you believe that life only gets harder and that’s there’s more work to do to keep yourself going? If that’s what you believe then it’s true; if that’s what you think then guess what? That’s what’s coming down the track.
So many of us carry a heavy burden of stress, not recognizing that these challenges are of our own creation. We over worry, stress about our kids, our parents, our job, our friends, the weather, the pain in our wherever the pain might be. We worry as though it will help move things to a better place. We think we’ve got this life journey cased and that’s exactly why we’re in trouble. What and how we think is creating our tomorrow…..what you think, so shall you be; that’s how the law of attraction works. When we connect with the truth that we are spiritual beings having a human experience and that our thoughts inform not only our future […]

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I had a freelance voice job

I had a freelance voice job. It was a big one.

I was warned to plan to be in the studio for most of the day. When I had a look at the giant stack of paper that was my script I gulped. The client and I got acquainted, the audio engineer set me up in the voice booth and we got underway. It was a training program for employees in a government department; the subject matter could not be considered juicy but I wanted the best result for the people listening. They have a tough enough job to get through the training; I wanted it to be as pleasant as possible.

Once we got underway with the script, I remembered another job I had done about a year previous; I think it was for the same department. The script was long and challenging; we were there for a long time getting it done. My thinking mind started to go over the feelings I had the last time about how long […]

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